About Weathervane 

Weathervane Press is an independent regional fiction publisher based in Notts.

Sorry, but we are not able to offer work experience.

We are currently closed for submissions.

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How to buy Weathervane Books:

You can order paperbacks at your local bookshop, and online. Recent titles are stocked by Five Leaves Bookshop in Nottingham - www.fiveleavesbookshop.co.uk .

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Kindle ebooks can be ordered from the Amazon Kindle Store. Click on the links below to buy:    The Woman Under the Ground  - The Esplanade - The Deed Room  - The Lives of Ghosts - The Dawning - Attention Deficit - Make Less Strangers - Aztec Love Song  -I love Samuel Taylor .

Epub versions of the more recent titles can be ordered from www.smashwords.com or sites such as iTunes.

What we publish:

Weathervane press publishes contemporary adult literary fiction of novel length (up to one hundred thousand words) and short story collections, by writers who live or work in Nottinghamshire.

Submission Guidelines (currently closed for submissions):

Please email mail@weathervanepress.co.uk with a brief synopsis, word count and the opening chapter. Please note we don't do historical fiction, science fiction or fantasy.


Weathervane Authors

Roberta Dewa began writing in her twenties, and her first published novel was a defence of bad King John. While studying for various degrees she wrote and published poetry and short fiction, including a poetry sequence on the explorer Shackleton and a first short story collection, Holding Stones (Pewter Rose Press, 2009).

Recently she has returned to full-length works, and in 2013 she published her memoir,The Memory of Bridges, a return to the village of her childhood, and a search for her mother's history. The Esplanade is her first contemporary novel. 

When not writing, she teaches at the University of Nottingham. www.robertadewa.co.uk

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Michael R D Smith's compelling thriller THE DEED ROOM was published on September 26th 2013.

Michael tragically died in April 2019. During his illness, he wrote a fascinating blog, writing about art and how a painting can change your life:





'The Lives of Ghosts' is Megan Taylor's third novel. 'The Dawning' was completed whilst studying for an MA in creative writing at Manchester Metropolitan University and published by Weathervane Press in January 2010. Her first Novel, 'How We Were Lost' was published by Flame Books in 2007 and was placed second in the Yeovil Prize. Megan lives in Nottingham. Megan runs creative writing workshops and courses and and also offers critical reads and editorial advice for writers who have a novel that requires a bit of first aid.



Nigel Pickard's second novel 'Attention Deficit' was published by Weathervane Press in March 2010. His highly acclaimed first novel 'One' was published by Bookcase Editions in 2005 and was described by the late Alan Sillitoe as 'enthralling and original.' He is also a published poet with his collection 'Making Sense' from Shoestring Press.

Nigel died suddenly in November 2011 after a short illness. Read his obituary in Left Lion Magazine here.



 Steven Wilcoxson was born in Nottingham in 1984 and still lives in the City. A prolific writer, he has a significant portfolio of completed fiction. 'Make Less Strangers' is his first publishing success, from Weathervane Press in November 2009.




Ian Collinson initiated Weathervane Press in March 2009 with the self-publication of his own novel 'I love Samuel Taylor.'

Ian has just completed his second novel 'Find Amy' which is self published on Kindle. 

Now he is writing plays.

More info can be found on Page 5 of this site.


Marty Ross is a playwright, storyteller and novelist whose first novel 'Aztec Love Song' was published by Weathervane in September 2009. He has had considerable success with radio drama, such as 'The Darker Side Of the Border' on Radio 4, plus 'Ghost Zone' and 'Catch My Breath' on BBC7. Marty performs regularly with Nottingham Storytellers at the Trip to Jerusalem pub. Recordings of many of his plays can be found on Amazon Audible. 



Thanks to Left Lion for reviewing all our books and for two excellent podcasts on the Left Lion website: www.leftlion.co.uk

Thanks also to The Bookcase at Lowdham for selling our books and for organising the excellent Lowdham Book Festival along with publisher Five Leaves, who also run an award winning independent bookshop in Nottingahm, see www.fiveleavesbookshop.co.uk.