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ISBN 9780596219398
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Powerful and beautifully observed, ‘The Woman Under the Ground’ is novelist Megan Taylor’s first collection of short stories. 

The writing is brooding and mysterious with finely drawn characters, so often the victims of absence and loss: a child taken to a neglected museum by her forsaken father; a woman revisiting the scene of an ended affair; a couple taking a road trip to try to reconcile the death of their daughter…

From dark adult secrets to night visitors to the dangerous passions of small girls, these stories explore fractured relationships and moments of self revelation with an uncanny honesty and insight.


THE ESPLANADE – Roberta Dewa.                   

ISBN 9780956219381
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 A man’s body is washed up on the beach of a seaside resort.   There is no clue to his identity, just a room key for the Esplanade  Hotel in his pocket. But Alex, who finds the body,   knows who he is, and his connection with the women who would know him too, if they were asked: Megan, and Lynn.

 Beyond the beach, in a room above a pub, Megan is waiting for her lover. Like so much of her life: child, home, family, he has gone missing. Years later, and far from The Esplanade where she grew up, Lynn receives a key in the post. She too has a painful past to revisit, and, like Megan, she must remember how it involves the man on the beach, and the events of a fateful night at The Esplanade.

The Esplanade is about loss of voice and identity, about the relationship between the past and the future, and the dislocation of the self that occurs when we distance ourselves from our experience.

Cover painting © artist Kit Wade. 


ISBN 9780956219367
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After her parents are killed in a car accident, twelve-year-old Liberty Fuller is left in the care of her young pregnant stepmother, Marie. Bewildered and grief stricken, Marie and Liberty travel to a remote Scottish holiday home but find themselves surrendering to the dark tensions underlying their relationship. 

Unable to escape their building resentment and the eerie atmosphere of the house itself, Liberty and Marie are soon heading towards a tragedy of startling betrayal and further loss.

Twenty-five years later, Liberty’s own pregnancy forces her on a journey into the past as she attempts to confront the secrets of the loch house, and the ghosts still waiting there. 

THE DAWNING   –   Megan Taylor.

ISBN 9780956219343
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The first Weathervane novel by the talented Nottingham writer Megan Taylor, The Dawning is a dark domestic thriller set in a wintry Peak District.

It’s New Year’s Eve, a time for fresh beginnings – but for each member of the Haywood family, this night could mark the end.

With mother Stella battling depression and father Philip determined to escape, eleven-year-old Zachary and his teenage sister Nicola  have nowhere to turn when confronted by their own worst fears.

The Dawning explores the danger that can arise even at the heart of a family over the course of one dark night.

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